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Decolonized Discipleship

“The church in the colonies is the white people’s Church, the foreigner’s Church. She does not call the native to God’s ways but to the ways of the white man, of the master, or the oppressor. And as you know, in this matter many are called but few chosen.” Fanon, Wretched of The Earth (42)

Although Fanon’s anticolonial body of work was written in the twentieth century and in the Algerian colonial context, his words resonate in the twenty-first century, particularly with regard to the white evangelical and multiethnic church contexts of America.  It is a lamentable fact that the church was the primary vehicle through which colonization spread on the African continent and beyond. Presently, many white evangelical churches continue to follow in the footsteps of their settler ancestors, planting churches in urban areas that resemble colonies.

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